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Your digital presence is your business. Test, design and build it for everyone

We build for Section 508 compliance and optimize for results.
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Thoughtful design is fast, intuitive and delightful

Our P0 is solving our clients needs first. We conduct a detailed and indepth audit of your webpages and construct a thorough report on what we find and next steps
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Accessiblity (a11y) is built in from day 0

Compliance is our priority. We follow Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We are practiced in building with the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS)
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Years of experience with the frontend

We are highly practiced with modern technology stacks from frontend frameworks such as React and Ember to good old Javascript/HTML/CSS

Veteran Owned and Operated

We are frontend experts with years of experience from Silicon Valley

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11B Digital specializes in web technologies and UI/UX. We prioritize efficent, modern, and accessibility compliant design

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